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The software on this page is intended for developers with or without programming experience at any language due to those useful tools for programmers are free.

The levels of difficulty of what IDE are only indicative as well as his experience in years, that is, you can learn directly to an advanced level IDE as you can use an IDE biginner level all the time you want.

Of course there are not all the programs but if you think you get any convenient not hesitate to contact us


Compiler: A compiler is a program that translates a program written in a programming language to another programming language. Usually second language is machine language, but can also be an intermediate code (bytecode), or just text. This translation process is called compilation.

Interpreter: A program capable to analyze and run other programs. Interpreters differ from compilers or assemblers that while these translate a program from its description in a programming language to machine code system, interpreters only perform the translation as necessary, typically, statement by statement and usually do not keep the result of the translation.

Using an interpreter, a single source file can produce equal results even in highly different systems (eg. A PC and a PlayStation 4). Using a compiler, a single source file can produce equal results only if it is compiled with different specific to each system executables.

Interpreted programs are generally slower than compiled due to the need to translate the program while running, but instead are more flexible as programming and debugging environments

IDE: also called Integrated Development Environment for its acronym in English is a software application that provides comprehensive services to facilitate computer programmer software development. Typically, an IDE is a text editor, automatic construction tools and debugger code. Most IDEs have smart auto-completion of code. The integrated development environments are designed to maximize programmer productivity by providing very close components similar user interfaces. IDEs present a unique program that takes place throughout development. Generally, this program usually offers many features for creating, modifying, compiling, deploying and debugging software.

Plugin is an application that relates to another to bring you a new feature and generally very specific. This additional application is executed by the main application and interact through the API.It is used for games, applications ...

IDE Bigginer Level

(From 0 to approximately 1 year experience)


Cb splash compCode :: Blocks is an IDE for programming in C / C ++ created WxWidgets very easy to use and simple to begin programming in C / C ++ with many plugins available and fully configurable, allows the visual design of windows, buttons, etc. using C ++ , this requires installing WxSmith here http://sourceforge.net/projects/wxpack/files/wxpack/

If you like C or C ++ programming and take little time this is a good program to learn and create your first application.

Usshot 149


Languages: C, C ++ and Fortran

Platforms: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7, Linux 32 bit and 64 bit, Mac OS X

GNU General Public License 3

Website: http://www.codeblocks.org

User Manual: http://www.codeblocks.org/user-manual (English, French and Alaman)

Download the program:

650 1200CodeLite is an IDE free and open platform for C / C ++ languages that use wxWidgets for the GUI. To comply with the spirit of open source CodeLite, compile and debug using only free tools (MinGW and GDB).

Much like Code :: Blocks but in inconventiente the compiler must manually install and configure complicated although CodeLite page tells how


Codelite 5 1

Languages: C, C ++, PHP and JavaScript

Platforms: Windows 64 bit and 32 bit, Linux, Mac OS X

GNU General Public License

Website: http://codelite.org

User Manual: http://codelite.org/LiteEditor/Documentation

Download the program: http://downloads.codelite.org/

Programas en dev c 1 728As to be Dev-C ++ integrated development environment (IDE) for its classic route in the history of C / C ++ with which there were many who learned and even nowadays develop their programs. It use MinGW, which is a version of GCC (GNU Compiler Collection) as its compiler. Dev-C ++ can also be used in combination with Cygwin and any compiler based on GCC.

Thanks to its simplicity is very easy to use and extremely fast making it one of the best IDE for C / C ++, also has a lot of plugins available on

Since its creation has been developed and maintained by Bloodshed Software until 2005 with version 4.01, then he resumed in 2011 Orwell Dev-C ++ currently working on.



Languages: C and C ++

Platforms: Windows 64 bit and 32 bit


Website: http://orwelldevcpp.blogspot.com.es/ (Orwell) http://www.bloodshed.net/ (Bloodshed)

User Manual:
http://www.tel.uva.es/personales/josdie/fprog/Sesiones/manualDevCpp/introduccion.html (Spanish)

Download the program:
http://orwelldevcpp.blogspot.com.es/ (Orwell) www.bloodshed.net/dev/devcpp.html(Bloodshed)

BluejBlueJ is an integrated development environment for the Java programming language, developed mainly for educational purposes, but is also suitable for the development of small-scale software.

BlueJ was developed to support the teaching and learning of object-oriented programming, and as a result, its design differs from other development environments. The main screen graphically shows the class structure of an application under development, and objects can be created and tested interactively. Combined with a simple user interface, this ease of interaction allows easily experiment with objects in development.


Bluej sshot

Languages: Java

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Ubuntu / Debian Linux, Linux Raspian

License: GNU General Public License

Website: http://www.bluej.org/

User Manual: http://www.bluej.org/tutorial/tutorial-spanish-201.pdf (Spanish)

Download the program:


687474703a2f2f6e696e6a616964652e77656266616374696f6e616c2e636f6d2f7374617469632f636f6d6d6f6e2f696d672f6e696e6a612d6269672e706e67Ninja-IDE is an Integrated Development Environment that will allow us to create projects in Python, the time to go running our codes and correcting any errors that these, may arise.

It is perfect for beginners and / or students of Python for its ease of use but also to professionals seeking máxmio performance.

Some important features are: Powerful code editor, project management and highly extensible through plugins

Ninja ide screenshot


Languages: Python

Platforms: Ubuntu / Debian, Fedora, Windows XP, Vista, 7, Mac OSX

License: GNU General Public License

Website: http://ninja-ide.org/

User Manual: https://ninja-ide.readthedocs.org/en/latest/

Download the program: http://ninja-ide.org/downloads/

HTML-Kit is a program very powerful editing web pages and more totally free oriented programmers designers because almost everything should be done by writing HTML code directly.

Has'd see views to code view (which is the default in HTML-Kit), the preview and an option to generate HTML with WYSIWYG, ie, designing directly as if it were a normal text editor without worrying about the HTML source code. This option is functional, although only creates a HTML tags with a reduced set. To do this we must go to "Actions / Tools / Prototype Pad ..." menu and we will get a window where we can design directly as in a text editor.

HtmlkitlogoThis amount of options is expandable due to support plug-ins that offer this program. There are enough of them among them a collection of script in javascript and other specifications of the PHP language, including functions to access databases.



Languages: HTML and XHTML, ASP, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, XML, SQL, Java, ...

Platforms: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP & 2000

License: Owner

Website: http://www.htmlkit.com

User Manual: http://www.html-kit.com/docs/tools/guide/(Inglés) http://www.taringa.net/posts/info/1212342/Como-crear-una-pagina-web-y-manual-html-kit.html (Spanish Contribution)

Download the program:



IDE Intermediate Level

(From 1 year approximately to 2-3 years approximately of experience)




The Great Eclipse is an IDE multipaltaforma, multilanguage, free and open source software, and is probably the IDE with more plguins and extensions what makes for these reasons in an environment of magnificent development and if we remove all the juice you can SESR reach our best tool is that many current commercial EclipseEclipseprogramas are created under Eclipse software such as Adobe, IBM, Intel and Nokia. That if you have to set it well because the Eclipse biggest drawback is its complexity when configuring and sometimes can become a nightmare.

Eclipse was originally developed by IBM and is now developed by the Eclipse Foundation, an independent nonprofit organization that promotes open source community and a set of complementary products, capabilities and services.

Java is needed to use it but we will use any other language so the first thing to do if you have not installed is to install or update Java on your computer
https://www.java.com/es/download/, then unload the version that interests us and follow the steps for your configuration.

Eclipse Configuration Manual

Manual Configuration MinGW (C / C ++) http://www.ics.uci.edu/%7Epattis/common/handouts/mingweclipse/mingw.html
PHP Manual Configuration http://blog.idominiun.com/comentarios/105.html

Manual Configuration Python www.pythondiario.com/2013/06/eclipse-y-pydev-configuracion-del-ide.html

Plugin for Android applications: http://developer.android.com/tools/sdk/eclipse-adt.html

Eclipse 4 4 2 luna


Languages: Multilingual

Platforms: Windows 32 bit and 64 bit, Mac OS X (Cocoa) 32-bit and 64-bit, Linux 32-bit and 64-bit

Eclipse Public License

Website: https://eclipse.org/

User Manual: www.ibm.com/developerworks/ssa/library/os-ecov/ (Spanish) http://help.eclipse.org/luna/index.jsp (English) https://wiki.eclipse.org/Eclipse/Installation (Installation) (English)

Download the program:

NetBeans is a free integrated development environment, made primarily for the Java programming language so it is very pontente use this language. There is also a large number of modules to extend it. NetBeans IDE is a free and unrestricted use product, very similar to Eclipse but somewhat slower due to its hardness.

Additionally, the NetBeans Enterprise Pack supports development of enterprise applications with Java EE 5, including visual development tools SOA, XML schema tools, web servicies orientation (for BPEL), and UML modeling. The NetBeans C / C ++ Pack supports projects C / C ++, while the PHP Pack supports PHP 5.

Languages: Multilanguage predominating Java

Platforms: Windows 32 bit and 64 bit, Mac OS X (Cocoa) 32-bit and 64-bit, Linux 32-bit and 64-bit

CDDL, GNU General Public License

Website: https://netbeans.org/

User Manual: www.ibm.com/developerworks/ssa/library/os-ecov/ (Spanish) http://help.eclipse.org/luna/index.jsp (English) https://wiki.eclipse.org/Eclipse/Installation (Installation) (English)

Download the program:

Geany is a small tGeanyext editor based on Scintilla and light with basic features integrated development environment (IDE).

It is developed with GTK and some of its features are:

Syntax highlighting, code folding, auto-completion, lists símboGeany screenshot on ubuntulos, code navigation, build a system (all executions) to compile and run the code, easy project management and support for plugins.


Languages: C, Java, PHP, Python, Perl, Pascal and more.Geany screenshot on ubuntu

Platforms: GNU / Linux, Mac OS X, BSD, Solaris and Microsoft Windows

License: GNU General Public License

Website: http://www.geany.org/

User Manual: http://www.geany.org/Download/Releases (English)

Download the program: http://www.geany.org/Download/Releases


anjutaAnjuta is an integrated development environment (IDE) created in C (GTK +).
Its main objective is to work with GTK + and GNOME desktop environment also offers a number of advanced programming features.
It includes a project manager, wizards, templates, interactive debugger and a powerful editor that checks syntax highlighting
Version 2 included many new features like a user interface designer, a new command interpreter, best in the editor, etc.1024px anjuta gnome 2 0 2


Languages: C, C ++, Java, Python and Vala

Platforms: GNU / Linux and BSD

License: GNU General Public License

Website: http://anjuta.org/

User Manual: https://developer.gnome.org/anjuta-manual/stable/(Spanish)

Download the program: https://download.gnome.org/sources/anjuta/3.18/ (Version 3.18)



IDE Advenced Level

(More then 2-3 years of experience approximately)




Qt logo 2013 svgQT which is a great IDE and platform library used to create graphical user interfaces mostly. It is also used in embedded systems such as Android.
Its API has methods for accessing databases using SQL, using XML, thread management, network support, cross-platform API and many more features


1024px qtcreator linux 2 0 1 comp





Languages: C, C ++

Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and IOs

GNU General Public License 3

Website: http://www.qt.io/

User Manual: http://www.qt.io/developers/

Download the program: http://www.qt.io/download/

LtlogoLight Table is a young IDE but advanced and multiple functions





Languages: Clojure, Python and Javascript

Platforms: Windows, Linux and Mac

GNU General Public License 3

Website: http://lighttable.com/

User Manual: http://docs.lighttable.com/ (English)

Download the program:

289px symfony2 svgSymfony is a complete framework designed to create and optimize web applications based on the pattern Model View Controller (MVC). To begin with, separating the business logic, server logic and presentation of the web application. It provides several tools and classes aimed at reducing the development time of a complex web application.

In addition, it automates common tasks, Code editor allowing the developer to devote himself to the specifics of each application. Code editor 4e6bbf

The result of all these advantages is that you should not reinvent the wheel every time you create a nueva aplicación web.

Languages: PHP

Platforms: Windows, Linux and Mac

GNU General Public License 3

Website: https://symfony.com/

User Manual:
https://symfony.com/doc/current/index.html (English)

Download the program:

KDevelop is an advanced ID for Linux and Unix platforms only, developed in C ++ and does not have its own compiler so you need GCC.Kdevelop logo 200 2b6df58dc8a8ba82
It has syntax highlighting, browser between classes, auto-completion for C / C ++, natica compatibility with Doxygen, versioning, etc.



Languages: C, C ++, PHP, Python, Java, Ada, SQL, Perl and Pascal.

Platforms: Linux and Unix1280px kdevelop 4 screenshot

1280px kdevelop 4 screenshot
License: GNU General Public License 3

Website: https://www.kdevelop.org/

User Manual: https://userbase.kde.org/KDevelop4/Manual (English)

Download the program:

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