Multi-Select JS library

You can download the Multi-Select edited library in the next link Multi-Select editado

This library needs jQuey to work

We add 3 type of MultiSelect. If you not select any at constructor the library use default type.

Tyoes: default, contable and time

The time type add 3 inputs, 2 by time (hours and minutes)[numeric inputs] and other to description [string input].The contrable type add a decimal input.

With this code you make this object.

Código de construcción

$('#ms').multiSelect({type:"time"); // Constructor call

You can change the type in any moment with changeType(str), if the value doesn't xist the library use default type.

Código de construcción

$('#ms').multiSelect("changeType","new Type");

You can enable and disable the select with:

$("#ms").multiSelect('enable'); // Activate $("#ms").multiSelect('disable'); // Desactivate

To get inputs values you need use getSelects and after read the return array with global variable returnMultiSelect.

$("#ms").multiSelect('getSelecteds'); myVariabel = returnMultiSelect;

At last, you can put values to inputs at constructor time with:

// time mode
myValuesTime = {'nOpt':{'h':1,'m':55,'desc':'I do my work'}};

// contable mode
myValuesContable = {'nOpt':'1.05'};

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