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Hundir la flota

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Hundir la flota

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Hundir la flota is a small version of the traditional game "Battleship" which is played on a board of 7 x 7 and there is only one boat of two units and two boats of one unit.

The game is going to raise so that a user plays against the computer, trying both to sink three boats opposite. For this, and in turn, a position indicating board row and corresponding to the coordinates of the shot column is chosen.

If there is no boat or part of it in that position, the result is "water", if applicable with a boat of a unit the result is "sunk" if any one of the positions the boat of 2 units the result is "touched" and if corresponds to the position left free by boat 2 units the result is "sunk".


At the start of the game the computer should be located his ships on the board and then allow the user to do the same with yours.
Two boats can not be together, so around each boat will have free positions.

Once ready all boats beginning Time will be drawn and will start the game.

At all times two boards are displayed on the screen: the user with the positions of their ships and those relating to the shooting of computer brands and the computer where you only show the marks of gunfire user.

When a ship has sunk in the corresponding board the ship should appear marked with '.' and all the marked boxes around shot. In the event that has touched the boat two units, the marked position should appear as '.' but they will not show the rest of the marks until it has not sunk the ship.

The game ends when one of two opponents miniflota the sink completely the opposite.

To enter the coordinates, you have to enter: value rows (space) value columns

Example: 3 5


The other feature of the game is the possibility of postponing a game to play it later, action may be carried out before we finished the game and when the user turn.

When it is the turn of the user and need to enter the position to which you want to shoot, you can enter the value 100 to indicate that you want to save the game to resume later.

Only it may have saved a game at any given time. If having a saved game you decide to store other data from the latter will be the only valid and the previous game will be lost.


Execute Hundir la Flota in order to play. Is you want to move the program, it is recommended to copy o creat an direct access

ATENTION: Keep always in the same folder the program Hundir la flota, the document INSTRUCCIONES and miniflota_g.


 Windows 95 to Windows 8


 Samuel Medina


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