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It is a board game of , with same placed in vertical position, forming a screen that separates both players who compete. The board takes seven empty columns where tokens are drop. In turn the height of the board is like in order that in the indicated position six cards could be accumulated by column. In each of these rows there is a window for each of the sides of the board in order that it could his content turns.

In short, it turns out to be a vertical board with 42 windows distributed in six rows by seven columns.


Game objetive

The purpose of the player to win is to try to join a straight row of four of his tokens, so much of vertical, horizontal as diagonal form.

Explain of the game

Before initiating the game the players do a raffle to know who is the first who will realize the first movement the following ones being realized by alternative turns.

The movements consist to be incorporating to the board you register turn by turn. As result, and as consequence of the vertical position of the board and of his hollow design for columns, the cards that are left to fall down from the top part of the board fall down up to the bottom of the column, if this one was empty, or stay on the last card thrown in the same one if it it was not. Win the player who before manages to connect four cards followed in the same straight line.




Samuel Medina
Sergio Pérez 
Ana Martín 
Ulises Mateo 


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Older Windows versions:

4 En Raya 1.1

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