Homes for sale

There are 6 homes for sale with prices of 8000, 9000 and 10000 !!

No more looking for materials to make your home and having complications to survive, now is possible buy your own home.

The houses that are for sale have been created by Diego Medina and are designed for people who just entered the server and does not have much money so are houses of 5x5 blocks with two floors.

In addition, they are getting 4 more houses for players with more resources and having a size of 10x7 blocks and even without setting a price of 20,000 coins

For more information on homes or buy / sell send an email to with the house number that appears just above the door.

Within hours the purchase is made and deducted from the amount of money the house trespassing and property.

Acutal Another issue is the lack of security and that the server is still small and is not 100% ready so there is some security flaws that may result in loss of objects or structures by some players with misconduct.

Every week we climb a post on the blog with the most important issues that have occurred.

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