Cobre 2 Software today is 1 year since its inception and has grown a lot since then, he has also had many changes since its inception mind.

This was the original page once completed the concept and created

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Sergio Perez, Ana Martin, Ulises Mateo and (Samuel Medina) created 4 En Raya the workshop subject Programming of  Computer Engineering

Later, I decided to share with people the software we did to share witth the people and I decided to create this website with the goal of being able to create great software.

Over time, I realized that the page needed more things and that only the software we created was very low so I decided to start making a website so that people can learn to program and solve doubts.

Later I added mini-codes as a supplement to the tutorials and our programs, and finally a few weeks ago I created the forum and the Members Area.

Looking ahead, what I would like to be at the height of large computer sites and to have a team of people supporting this page to continue growing.

Samuel Medina Espinosa, creator and manager

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