Minecraft Server

After los of weeks developing the cobre2software.com Minecraft server, we want to anounce our server with Survival, Creative, Hogwarts and The Shire.

Our IP is cobre2software.ddns.net and the auxiliar IP

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The summer is here and some tasks to do are delayed more than we expected but at the eend of this summer, we think it will be finished and ready to have hours and hours of entertainment.

New Restructuring and Videos

We have reestructured cobre2software in order to add new ideas in the future joining the pages.

The Learn section, to perform your knowledge that has Mini-Codes and Tutorials.

Downloads has Tools, Our Programs and Other Downloads.

We added a new category, Videos, where streamings will be uploaded, videos and projects made by our colaborators.


Cobre 2 Software today is 1 year since its inception and has grown a lot since then, he has also had many changes since its inception mind.

This was the original page once completed the concept and created http://web.archive.org/web/20150415010631/http://www.cobre2software.com/

There are other seven catches different dates in http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.cobre2software.com/

Global ranking and in Spain http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/http%3A%2F%2Fwww.cobre2software.com

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Member Zone

We have created access to Member Zone (on the right) in order not to miss anything new and have your own profile with which you can interact in forums, add comments, customize your account and many other advantages.

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We have created a new section: a forum where it will be possible ask doubts on computer science and programming.

Now there is no topic but it is possible to ask that any topics should be add in order that this way everyone could solve his doubts.

On the occasion of the creation of our forum, has changed the menu and Mini-codes is now in Developers.

To create a new topic it orders a mail to contacto@cobre2software.com or across our page Contact

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Change of font

Due to the expansion of the page a doubt arises: what letter to use? To solve this doubt we have thought that the best decision is that the visitors decide that source seems to them to be the best in order to modify it for the whole page, so we will be very grateful of that you were choosing one of the fonts.

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Mini-codes it is created with the idea of being able to help the programmers to develop his programs rapidly due to it consists in codes with simple algorithms for example to calculate the greatest common divisor of two numbers or to use the bubble sort for an array or separate letters of numbers and to store them in a string of characters.

Also, mini-codes is  created in order to explain a method to solve different questions as the mentioned ones before to be able to learn to get on the world of the programming.

At the moment mini-codes will be developed for C and Java, but in a future it will be opened for phyton, C ++ and many other languages more.